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Semi-new here...
Aug 4, 2004
Hi everyone,

Things have escalated some since I last posted (just one post), and I thought I'd come to the web experts for some advice.

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis in April, I finally found an endo who took my symptoms seriously and paid less attention to my supposedly "normal" lab results. He prescribed 25 mcg of Levothroid and that seemed to help for the first 10 days or so (not perfect, just slightly better). After that time, all my symptoms came back - aches in muscles and joints (one day it was hard for me to walk down stairs), swollen fingers, emotional, fatigue, freezing, muscle cramps, etc. I didn't have what I have come to call a flare but the flares I have had in the past were AWFUL. During those times, everything hurt, felt feverish, chronic diarrhea, weak, tired, etc.

The endo referred me to a rheumy based on the symptoms I was having. I went last week and she did an extensive exam and ordered a bunch of tests. The techy wound up taking 13 vials of blood (after which I fainted), so this doctor didn't leave anything uncovered that I can see. I talked with her this morning and everything was negative for Celiac's disease, hepatitis, the rheumatoid factor, etc. My ANA, however, was positive. She also said that there was protein in my urine but she wants to retest that because I gave a sample on the first day of my period and she felt she should do it over. During my exam, she also noticed livedo in my legs and hands, suspected Raynaud's, noted some pretty bad muscle weakness and joint tenderness. I have also, in the past, had some sores on my tongue and gums. Also, I have had a blush on my nose and upper arms for a couple of weeks. The pictures I have seen of lupus rashes are much more severe but I have read that things can start as a blush.

My current TSH is 3.03 but I didn't ask about the T3 and T4. I figured I could ask for a copy of my lab results when I see her again tomorrow.

I guess, in the end, I want to make sure that I ask all the important questions. I'm dragging my mother to the appointment with me so that there are 2 sets of ears listening to what she says. I will redo the urine sample tomorrow as well. I'm a little worried about having the protein in my first sample. The rheumy said that, if it comes back with protein again, she's leaning more toward lupus diagnosis and a kidney specialist.

It's all a little scary!!

Any input would be appreciated!

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