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There is a very good possibility that I have ANA-negative Ro Lupus, but the doctors are not giving me a definite answer. I would imagine the reason being that some things don't seem to add up. I don't have any problems in the sun, EXCEPT if I actually get sunburn. Then I will get a raised, itchy, hive-like (actually more like one huge welt) rash that goes away with Cortaid cream. But right now, I'm tan as can be, as I spend quite a bit of time in the sun.

Also, I don't have any swollen or aching joints.

But, my feet and ankles hurt in the morning when I walk, I get a lot of headaches, and I am very, very tired most of the time. I also have a slight rash on my face. Also, my blood work points to ANA-negative lupus (which is a negative ANA, but a positive SS-A), with EVERYTHING else testing normal.

So, my question is. Is there any way to tell from the rash on my face whether it is from lupus? The rash is not raised or itchy or even very noticeable, but it is definitely there. It looks more like a blush, but it is there, and the headaches are there, and the pain in the feet and ankles are there. Something is going on, and please forgive me if this is a dumb question. But, can the facial rash be biopsied, and can tell me if it is lupus?

The doctors response of "Oh, well, you don't have any swollen joints. See a nuerologist and come back in 6 months" IS NOT acceptable to me! Any ideas?

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