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Re: Help
Sep 17, 2004
Hello, I am new here at this post. I know this is not really about lupus but it may help. Hope you feel better soon!

I have had chronic fatigue for about three years now. I have tried all of the doctors pills advice etc. nothing worked. I was diagnosed with menieres disease in 2002. Although my symptoms are A typical i.e faint feeling most of the time sluggish and even blacking out.

Just recently I went to a alternate medicine therapy where I was told about the [B]lymphatic system[/B] and how it could become clogged and and a host for toxins. I thought yeah right another therapy. I had just one visit with a massage therapist who worked on my lymphatic system -it was painfull at first , due to all of the toxicity over the years. I could not understand why because I was always eating healthy and worked out but still felt horrible sluggish , dizzy no energy.
I am by no means a doctor but I feel 100% better after having my lymph nodes worked on ( drained ) along with plenty of water and Milk thistle extract ( cleans liver). I will continue this therapy and would urge anyone who has immune problems, or like I have had to at least give it a try, I really works.

Somtimes Doctors are ready to just give us pills and give us a
diagnosis; it's not thier falt they learn from Medical school and empirically treat symptoms. Another aspect is political that is tied up in a multi-billion dollar industry i.e pharmaceutical industry and Doctors, insurance etc.

It's really a shame because eastern medicine has been around for thousands of years and are great country is still behind regaring true health and well being.
Just look at the asian culture and the average life span and health of the general populace.

and blessings
Artemis :)

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