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I just saw a Rheumy yesterday for my first time. He did 4 vials of bloodwork and he was checking for Lupus.

I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

These are my sysmptoms.

Fevers going to 102 sometimes. Getting worse in the last several years.
I cannot tolerate heat outside.
Debilitating fatigue.
Red rash that looks like I've been in the sun stays over cheeks and across nose. Looks like sunburn.
Low white count.
Near Anemia but don't have anemia.
Muscle aches in upper arm and sometimes burning on back of shoulderblades.

Those are a few.

My thyroid doesn't work properly.
My ANA Titer has been positive for 6 years as that's how long I've been sick.
The pattern changes from speckled and then diffused and back again.
My Anti-DNA was negative at 1:10 but my ANA Titer has always been 1:160 or 1:360 and that goes back and forth.

My Rheumy wants to see me back in 2 months and if this shows up I have Lupus, he said he will be calling me.

Does anyone know if this has a tendency to look toward Lupus or maybe not? He kind of thought it might be after checking me and looking at my records. He did the anti-sm antibody test. Can anyone explain that?


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