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Hello everyone,

I found this place last evening and came back to rewrite my lost post from last night.

I am starting to suspect that I could possibly have lupus. After reading many other online sites and reading some literature I have picked up here and there I really do think it might be possible. I am here to post and get an opinion from you all.

I am a 43 year old female. I was diagnosed as hypothyroid probably 15 years ago. In May of this year I had to take blood testing for Syphillis and HIV for a visa to come and live in the United States with my husband. I am from Canada and he is American.....hence the need for the visa. My bloodtests came back with a positive test for Syphillis. The bloodtests were then sent for secondary testing (that took almost 4 weeks to return :eek: ) and when they did return it ended up being a "false-positive". There could have been many reasons for the false-positive as I went on to learn. I had recent vaccination for the visa...etc...but I was told that Lupus also will bring on such results.

Other things that I have experienced~

I have been experiencing some hairloss ( I have overly thick hair but think I am losing more than usual right now.

Headaches ( something I have dealt with for a long time now...have been treated for migraines in the past)

Rashes to face, arms and legs mainly ( these are not a daily thing, but do come on and the face the rash will appear to be sunburn like in appearance and mainly to the neck, on legs and arms appear to be raised in appearance and sometimes itch..but not always.

Mouth ulcers ( have had them on and off all my life)

Fatigue ( lately moreso, on and off most of the time )

In the past I have experienced just normal everyday muscle and joint pain. For the past week I am feeling almost disabled...every movement I take is excruciating. It feels as if there is not one bone in my body that does not hurt. I even have swelling in one of my hands.

I just woke up so am a bit foggy right now. But I will be back to read more. What do you guys think? What should I do? What are the first steps to diagnosis? :confused:

I hurt so bad right now!


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