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What do you think?
Oct 3, 2004
Hi everyone. Hope your all well. :)

I'm pretty glad I came across this board as I have been experiencing some pretty weird symptoms over the past year or so and after reading the stickies I am kinda concerned but by no means am I going to diagnose myself and get it into my head I have Lupus when it could be something pretty minor.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now and tell you my list of weird symptoms. I feel like an OAP at times! (Im going to go back over a period of 3 years here but most of these symptoms are still very much present)

My Symptoms:

I have dizzyness pretty much anytime. It comes and goes when it feels like but happens everyday/night. I also have brain fog at times where I feel as if Im seperated from the things that are going on around me and my concentration is pretty lacking when this happens and my reactions. (I become "slow" when I have this).
I also keep having joint pain. I broke my wrist 5 times (as soon as one healed it was broken again) I didn't even fall over and it was broke. Told the doc this and I must of fell over according to him. I also broke my lower rib which stuck into my lower back...somehow..and I didn't fall over when I did this easier. Just woke up one morning and couldn't lift my left leg, I was in complete agony and couldn't put my back up straight. Its fine now thank god. :)
The pain I have can be in my neck and upper back, sometimes across the middle or lower back as well. I also get pain in my abdomen (been pretty painful this week but eased off now so Im not worried). I have weird muscle spasms when I can feel in my thigh throbbing in one place and can see it but it doesnt happen that often and my periods have gone mad. I keep missing them or have an extra one. (Now it just seems to be missing them mostly).
I have this weird thing where my legs, feet or hands go numb. If its my legs and feet they go so numb they go a purplish colour or sometimes I have like this red burn on the top of them while there numb.When there "coming back" it hurts like mad. So bad I feel like I could cry. The pain hurts a lot.
Im very pale. I used to have a pretty good tan when I was 13 and after this decent skin tone but now I've gone very pale and been referred to as a walking corpse by a friend of mine. Charming huh? Lol. Im always very exhausted. I can go to town and come back and sleep over 18hours then wake up still tired. I never do feel to great in myself. Some days....very few...I feel in the best of health then suddenly just poorly. Its hard to explain how I feel. I guess it could be called malaise. But I dont know. :confused:
I've also had the odd nose-bleeds. I never have a nose bleed. I woke up with one the other day. Just wiped my nose and it was gushing out. It stopped after 15mins so I put it down to banging my nose in my sleep...somehow:) And sometimes, when Im in the bath I notice this burn patches of rash on my chest (above my breasts) which go after 30-60mins and I keep getting hot flushes and sometimes spots in front of my eyes or general tenderness all over.

And the last thing I can think of: I keep picking up colds, flu, sore throats and I have loads of mouth ulcers. I've got 5 now! I had one just over 8 days ago and as soon as them 2 cleared up some more little devils pop up. I can go a couple of days without a mouth ulcer...sometimes a whole week but then one pops up followed by one or two more. Argh I hate mouth ulcers. :)

I have been diagnosed with:

Glandular Fever

I've had blood tests which confirmed Glandular Fever and when I told the doc I felt awful...way before I was diagnosed I got told I couldn't feel this bad. :eek: I also had a blood test which came back normal for anemia.

Thats everything I think. Im only 18 so this is pretty annoying and I start to think its all in my head until I feel my throat and notice my lymph nodes are still swollen there and in my groin and my temp keeps going up and down. Tis nuts, lol and I have chest pain pretty bad. I seriously doubt this is all related to Glandular Fever so would be grateful for any advice.

P.S My doctor doesn't listen so I've quit going to. Just figured I'll put up with it all. :)

Forgot to add: I've fainted twice and I've been getting pretty bad miagraines. The last one lasted for 12days straight and my blood pressure was very high (its normal now) and I had a high temp (still slightly high now). Seemed to of eased off now. Yipee!
Hey guys,

Phew Im glad they dont sound like Lupus. I hope its just something silly and easily sorted out.

Erm Glandular Fever over here (Im in the UK) is actually Mono caused by the EBV virus in the states.

To be honest I dont think my doctor is considering anything. All they do is give me painkillers and say bye, lol. They are pretty useless and Im definitely thinking of changing doctors. I've had the FBC, U&E's done which came back normal. I seriously think my doctors believe its all in my head. Sometimes I feel like banging theirs.

The weird thing was, when I had the 12day headache, on the first day I had this sharp pain which went all down one side of my body (left) and my speech became very slurred then it went after 30mins or so. Told doc this and all I got was a "uh huh". Lol pretty useless. Think I'll give them a piece of my mind.

I did show the purplish colour to one doctor but it wasn't as wide spread by this time, and all he said was lots of teenagers experience pins and needles. I was like, im not having pins and needles Im having numbness and pain but she wouldn't listen. Tried the other doctor in the surgery and I got exactly the same response. *rolls eyes*
Nope, I haven't seen my blood work. All they do is the regular FBC and U&E's which tests your iron, protein, liver and clotting factors (I think).

What kind of test would I need to ask for, for an immune system one? I just dont understand why I keep picking every bug going up. Im getting the flu about 3/4 times a year and my cold I've had on and off.....probably went about one week, maybe two without it......for about 3 years now. Flares up and dies down to sniffles but I always need tissues. Told doctor this to and he didn't think anything of it.

I think I could drag my dad along with me and I'll definitely try. But I dont know about the explanations...I never get one, lol.

I did try telling the doctor about my chest pains to and my fast beating heart. Got to the doctors and it was beating very fast. She listened to it for about 10minutes without it slowing down and said I was hyperventilating. Pretty weird thing to say since I never have anxiety and I was standing there as calm as a cucumber. I think I'll see my doctor one more time. If their no use Im changing.

Thank you and you've been a great help. Both of you have. :) I'll keep you posted when I get that appointment and everything sorted out.

Take care of yourself. :)

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