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I was wondering if this means a pretty much diagnosis of Lupus with these symptoms I have. My Rheumy is waiting for the extensive Lupus bloodwork to come back. This Thursday will be 2 weeks since I've had it done.

Malar rash over my cheeks and nose. It looks like I've been in the sun and I also have the rash on my neck.

My body cannot tolerate the heat and it also causes triple fatigue.

I have low white count and low red count--near anemia and along time ago my platelets were very low but they are back to normal now. My Rheumy was totally surprised because my white count has been as low as 1900 and normal starts at 4000.

My ANA Titer has always been positive with so far either 160 or 360 which is high.

I have Fatigue.


Muscle pain in the forearms and sometimes burning pains in back of shoulder blade and I get stiffness in the elbows when I'm outside holding something.


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