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Re: Lupus Rash
Oct 5, 2004

FYI, "subacute cutaneous" rashes can appear on torso, neck, face, etc. There are two types: "annular" (circles) and "psoriaform" (looks like psoriasis but isn't).

And there are also "discoid" rashes---the ones that scar & depigment.

Rashes can cross "subsets". People with SLE are "eligible" for malar, SCLE and discoid rashes (malar predominates). So are people with SCLE (SCLE-type predominates). I think you get "put" into the subset that matches your "worst" tests & symptoms. i.e., the RASH ALONE does not govern your classification.

Could this stuff be any more confusing? And fie on rashes!


Hi Vee:

I'm very glad you wrote back because I noticed on the paper that my Rheumatologist had wanted 4 vials of blood drawn. He said the bloodwork is for Lupus. I noticed he had put FYI and I had no idea what it is.

Could you explain what that would show? What is FYI?

The rash I have is on my face and neck. On my face it goes across my nose and over both my cheeks and is red. The rash on my face covers the front and is lighter in color but both rashes have been there for at least several years through my illness. I've been sick for 6 years.

Also I have one more question: On each of my legs on the bottom but each is on the inside of my leg, I have a colored mark which is in same spot on both legs. It's really weird and I don't know what it is. It looks like a dark red but kind of purple and it's under the skin. Do you have a clue what it is and does it have anything to do with Lupus?

I'm waiting for the Lupus tests to come back. Do they take about 2 weeks?

Re: Lupus Rash
Oct 5, 2004
Hi Vee, once again:
I'm not sure if FYI meant for your information. On a small post it pad he had 4 things that he wanted the nurse to draw blood for. One said for the SED rate and another was FYI. Do you know now what he's talking about?

My Rheumy was very concerned about my rash. That's when he started looking at my face and neck very closely.

My doctor even took off one sock and asked if the top of my foot hurt above my toes, which they didn't. He kept moving his fingers around on my foot. Do you know what that is for?

I go back to my Rheumy next month. I also have CFS and I also do not have the normal amount of blood in my body as what you should have. I had a 2 1/2 hour test done for that. I have Orthostatic intolerance. Do you think that is why I have the marks on my legs?

My Rheumy said that when these tests come back and if they show Lupus or something on there that is bad, then he will call me right away. He said if nothing different shows up then he will go over the blood tests in November. Also this is how good and caring he is. The very day I took my labwork to them and they copied it for the doctor to see. They called that very day before I even got home and left the appt. on the machine. Also they were booked till December but because he saw my bloodwork he wanted me to come in 2 weeks from that day. Now he has me set up in an emergency spot because he wants me back in November. Normally they said there was nothing till December but he wants to see me.


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