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Re: Ana
Oct 14, 2004
Hello Aubry,
In answer to your question I just saw a new Rheumy yesterday that looked at my ANA result of 1:320, my low C3 level, my on and off again anemia, my borderline C4, raynauds phenom(my fingers don't turn white but they do turn purple and red and I was diagnosed by another Rheumy using a capillaroscopy), arthritis in my fingers, knees, ankles, and hips, the unexplained bruising, the unexplained spider veins, redness covering my legs almost entirely and he said to me, you don't look like your sick so based on whats in your medical records and you looking well today I think that you don't have Lupus or MCTD. These are probably just a result of you getting older and a coincidence of just life. I am in the military, exercise daily and I am 35 yrs old. Everyone knows that flares come and go and I will not be returning to him. My first Rheumy diagnosed me with MCTD with Lupus and Polymyositis. However, I know that the Polymyositis diagnosis was incorrect as it was only based on a slightly elevated CPK and upon my second CPK results my level was 135 which is normal.........Keep looking the right Rheumy is out there. I am going to do the

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