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I have SLE, diagnosed in 1985. In August of this year I had a very low wbc. Went to see a Hemotologist in Sept. and all was ok. They determined that low is normal for me because I have SLE. Not more than a week later I developed a lump, not in my armpit but below the armpit on my right side. It got very big very quickly and was sore/painful. I also had swollen glands in the armpit at the same time and I was very itchy all over. I have been feeling very sore(joints/muscles) and tired, more than normal. Almost like I was getting the flu. The lump went away in a week. Recently, the lump came back. Same place, same soreness, same everything. What the heck is going on? I guess I will be calling my Lupus doc, but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with SLE. I have never had such a thing happen to me in all my years of having SLE! Any help is greatly appreciated! It helps to know I am not the only one out there with the same issue!
Hi, Suzieq. Swollen lymph nodes were part of what drove me to the doctor and started me on my way to a diagnosis of SLE earlier this year. He thought I must have an infection somewhere and prescribed antibiotics, but I had no infection, just undiagnosed Lupus. The first one was a big lump behind my right ear, one at the base of my neck in front near the collarbone, and another one on the back of my neck just below the hairline. They scared the crap out of me because they grew so quickly. One hour, they were not there, the next hour, I had a peculiar sensation behind my ear and reached up and there the big lump was. And they were painful. The lumps themselves took many weeks to go away, although they stopped being painful after awhile. This was all before I began taking any medications for SLE. It has happened once since I started meds, but the lump came and went very quickly. Funny how this is your first instance of this after having SLE for so long. Sounds like you may be in a flare.

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