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Re: MRI report
Oct 30, 2004
Thanks for the encouragement VeeJ. I think I needed to be reminded that this is a slow process. Especially since my body seems to have calmed down in the past month. I'm sure he will want all his own tests done. This is what patients of his have told me. He also repeats what he considers to be necessary ones every 3 to 6 months. I am told there are many more tests than the ones I have had done as well. Of course I won't have the punch biopsies done until Jan, 2005.

AS to your reference of needing 3 occurrences of certain things, I have them all written down from mid Aug. to late Sept. with names and numbers of people who witnessed the bright redness of ears, neck, chest, and arms. I have written down comments of strangers. On one of these occasions our daughter was with me, one my husband, and two my granddaughters and neighbor. I don't think there will be much trouble documenting that whatever this is, it has been active throughout the summer. I had all these things written down to discuss with my family Dr. That was when she decided I needed to see someone else sooner rather than later.

At the moment this knee thing keep running through my head too. How in the world did my support muscles get tares in them when I have not had a fall or a bump or anything. Last Feb, during the time when my knees were very swollen, I stepped out on my right foot and the knee just gave way. Was it so tight from the swelling that it just blew up? I also can't imagine what good physical therapy is going to do for a tare. I guess I have to go along with it all though. What choice do I have.

I shouldn't complain. I have pain in a knee, many don't have the knee. I'm in a strange mood today. Got up with a headache. Hubby's been on the road for a couple weeks again. Maybe I just need him to come home and give me a hug. Who knows.

I will let you know what the new Dr. says as soon as I get home. I'm certain I will be anxious to share as you do far more research, and therefore have far more knowledge on this subject.

May God Bless and Keep You
Patience 50 :wave:

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