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[COLOR=Sienna][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS][QUOTE=Mr. Strangeheart]Hi Oldbones,

You certainly are not being nosy. I appreciate this disucssion. Before I share these results I want to clarify though that nobody has said I am anemic in any way, shape or form. It is just that over the past year I see a definite trend downwards in both my rbc and wbc numbers - even though they are all still completely in the "normal" range.

Here are my latest results:

WBC count = 4.8 (normal 4-10.5). This is down from 5.2 ten weeks ago which was down from 6.3 six weeks prior to that which was down from 7.3 six months prior to that!

RBC count = 4.78 (normal 4.20-6.0). This was essentially the same ten weeks ago but is holding at a lower level than I used to be a year or two ago when I was always over 5. I have been dieting, however, so who knows maybe that can affect the rbc numbers!

Others: hemoglobin = 15.5, hematocrit = 45.5, MCV = 95 (this has gone up as my rbc count has reduced in the last year), MCH = 32.4, MCHC = 34.0, RDW = 12.8. Platelets were fine and have stayed at a consistent number. My sed rate was "1" and my ANA was negative. My sed rate and ANA have always been negative - nevertheless I have had definite symptoms consistent with some type of inflammation for over three years now. Although rare, there are apparenty cases where the blood tests do not "work" on some people. I know these numbers are not that "off" from normal but it is the apparent trend (particularly with the wbc numbers) that concerns me.

Oldbones, what was your "RDW" at?


[B]Hello again.....
My RDW is 15.0 with normal values being 11.0 - 15.0. I suspect that because I am mildly anemic, it would make my RDW high because it increases in iron deficiency anemia and some other forms of anemia. Abnormal red cell shapes caused by anemia can increase the RDW.

I noticed that you Hemoglobin and Hematocrit are in really good shape. It's good that they are stable. Your MCV would change rather easily because your MCV is arrived at by dividing you hematocrit by your red blood cell count. So any variation in your hematocrit or your red cell count could cause a change in your MCV.

I can see a cause for your concern since you white cell count is steadily dropping. However, it is still in the normal range. There are a lot of different things that can cause a variation in your white blood cell count but since you have a pattern of it gradually decreasing, your doctor should monitor it (as it seems that he is doing). Your hydration level can change your white cell counts as well as medications, low grade infections and even laboratory variations. How is your differential on your white count i.e. neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eos, and basophils? Are they remaining about the same and are they in the normal range? Doctors not only look at the white cell count but the prcentage of cell types that make up the total count. My neutrophils and lymphocytes are both abnormal but that is most likely because of the immunosuppressant I'm on. At least that's what I blame it on.
Has your doctor identified what kind of inflammation you are having? Do you have achy joints, fatique or any other significant symptoms? You are right about Lupus not always showing a positive ANA. It's not too often that it happens but it does (something like 5% of Lupus cases).

Wishing you well.....

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