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Hey marm--

Sounds like a migraine to me and I should know, I get them too. I will get nauseous and have vomiting as well sometimes, you can see how vomiting could make one feel with a headache like that. At their worst, these headaches completely incapacitate me and I will end up in bed, take a narcotic and some bentyl (the combo pretty much knocks me out for a few hours) and then lay in the dark and quiet room, don't move, and secretly pray to die :p . My doctor prescribed something called... shoot I cant remember the name but it is similar to Imitrex. When I start to get on I can take one pill per hour (up to five pills in 24 hrs) and it will head it off. I haven't filled the rx yet but I need to as when I get one of these I can't drive because I can't see. You may also want to know too that these headaches can be less severe and still be a migraine. Mine vary by degree but when I realized this fact, I also realized I'd been having a lot more migraines than I thought. Sometimes mine are just a good one sided behind the eye headache that really bite with coughing, movement, etc... Didn't you say you have Raynauds?? I know that Raynauds phenomenon and migraines are related and lots of people report that when they treat one, the other also dissipates. My best to you! Call you doctor, these headaches suck the big chicken!

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