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Hi, Miamore.

First, congratulations on your new baby!

At the beginning of this board, there are several "sticky posts" (permanent posts). One lists diagnostic criteria for lupus, and another for antiphospholipid syndrome. Both should give you a very good start on what symptoms & test results your dr. is probably looking for.

I *think* the skin condition your dr. named is "urticaria"---meaning a hivelike or weltlike extremely itchy rash. It happens to some (by no means all) lupus patients. I don't think it's "specific" to lupus, though---meaning others without lupus get it, also.

I agree wholly with what Shari posted: that you must take that aspirin as directed---AND keep following up with your dr. about possible lupus. IF you turn out to have lupus on top of antiphospholipid, additional medication would likely be required. At its worst, lupus can take down internal organs---but it can be mild and not affect organs. Point is, no one knows for sure at the initial appointments...

For sure, even milder lupus can sure make you incredibly tired and cause severe joint pain. So you'd want it treated, if you have it, even if it's considered mild. Plus, the best-known specialists believe treating the milder cases helps to *keep* them MILD.

Please post again when you read those "sticky posts", OK? Those lists can really help you start to grasp what these diseases are, help you describe symptoms, help you ask your drs. better questions, etc. Meanwhile, I send you my best wishes! Sincerely, Vee

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