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Hi everyone. Happy new year. Here's to health!

So I have some new questions. Starting about two weeks ago I got this strange rash on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet. It has since gotten really worse. It's like extrememly itchy blisters. I went to my allergist who said it could be a virus, and never perscribed anything. Is this like the Lupus rash. I heard the Lupus rash can be on the palms of your hands. It's really funny because once I got this rash, the really strange one on my cheeks went away. All I know is I am itching, not sleeping, not really able to do anything. I'm trying motrin for the pain (it is itchy and painful all at once). I've never had this rash before. So I thought maybe it could be related.

Now a really important question. My allergist perscribed me the anti DNA test and the C3 and C4 and some more Lupus indicators. Should I try and take these tests when I feel crappy and have lots of rashes? Should I stop using the cortisteriods before the tests? Are they just blood tests? I'm worried that whatever this flare is could be going down, and doctors don't have the forsight to see past a negative test so I want all the conditions right for if there could be any positive tests, there will. Not that I want there to be, but you know what I mean. Do flares and lack of flares effect the results?

Well hope all is well. It's funny, but I don't even know if I'd be upset with a Lupus diagnosis in the end because this whole diagnosis process has been so tramatic. A diagnosis of anything at this point would be an answered prayer. But in a perfect situation it wouldn't be anything serious.
Kathie T.!

You just said your rashes are blistery. I had hand/foot blistery rashes many moons ago, when I was about 10. The rashes spread over most of my body. Big, whitish, puffy, raised watery things that were hideous and unbearably itchy.

Only after getting Dx'ed with subacute cutaneous LE (SCLE) about 35+ years later (!) did I start to wonder if those old rashes were "bullous lupus". When I started reading up, the description "bullous lupus" sounded so darned familiar. My rheumie wonders, too---but, as I said, they happened so many years ago. But they sure did start on hands & feet, that I recall very clearly.

For sure, many people have hypersensitivity that manifests itself in skin problems. So lupus wouldn't be the only possibility! But sure worth looking into---maybe by a dermatologist?

As far as whether to discontinue the steroids (not sure what kind) before having the specialized bloodwork done---I really don't know and would not want to guess. Why don't you call your allergist ASAP? Or did he refer you to a dermatologist?

Best wishes & hoping you get answers fast,

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