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Thank you so much for taking the time.

She has been anorexic for a couple of years now. But within the last year it got worst whereby she would not eat for days just to loose 5 pounds. And would only eat protein food ( atkins).

It all strated 5 months ago with her lymph nodes swollen and flu like sympthoms, high fever at night, very tired and her stomach was very bloated. The doctor thought it was Mono, but she never went back to the Doc.

Within a month she was so tired that she had a hard time walking, her lungs sounded like she had bronshitis, but she refused to go to the doctor. ( and we couldn't make her go unless we could prove she was mentally ill).

Within 3 months she lost 25 pounds ( she is 5'2'' and was 107). We knew she was sick, and could not be Mono, but she was happy she was sinny and pretended to be ok, although she could hardly walk...

The the hair strated to come off, she looked grey, her face was so skinny she looked dead. She could not eat because she would vomit. If she walked her heart woudl go 1,000 miles an hour. Finally we got a court order and were able to take her to the emergency room last week against her will.

After a week of testing, the doctors told her that it was Lupus.

That is why I was wondering if Atkins or malnutrition might have been the factor here? :confused:

Thanks and God Bless


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