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Hi everyone. I'm a little concerned about whether I'm overreacting or not, so I thought I'd check with you since you all seem so nice in your posts. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind listening to my symptoms since I'm really not sure at all whats wrong with me.

I'm 26 and female. Since I was 18 I've noticed that I get ulcers in the back of my throat - only on the back of my throat, though. Not all the time - sometimes every month, sometimes not for months. WHen i get them its often the first sign that I'm about to get a cold. They would be painful at first but by the end of the expression, even when i could see them they werent that painful. I've also noticed lately that I'm tired a lot more than I used to be (so hyperactive I was!) I got sick about a month ago with the ulcers and never really got better - like a truly miserable cold or flu. some of the lymph nodes on my neck near my shoulders are tender right now, too, and I have a lot of pain in my face, so my doctor gave me antibiotics a couple days ago for presumed deep sinus infection?

My mom told me once that ever since I was young I've had a high level of protein in my urine, so the combination of the ulcers and this is what brought me here. I seem to catch colds pretty easily, and take a long time to recover from them. I react to everything that I put on my skin topically, so I can't really wear any makeup or use any creams/medications. I'm even a bit dermatographic - you just touch my neck and it will turn all red. Last year about this time, I developed a horrible rash on the right side of my neck, which took over a month to go away. we put some cream on it and of course, it got even worse and crusty and disgusting. sometimes i can feel it under the skin itching and i feel that if i touch it, it will come back, so i never touch my neck. the doctor seemed to think it was some sort of herpes simplex expression that happens to many people (the cold sore type herpes, not the genital type) but that she couldnt be sure. THe raynaud's syndrome runs in my family (my fingers turn very white when cold) so I dont want to necessarily just add that to the list of potential indicators without comment... I think I have carpel tunnel in my right wrist, also runs in the family. My cheeks and nose bridge are always a bit too rosy but i thought that was just mild rosacea. Any thoughts? THanks for your time, I really appreciate anyone who has read this.

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