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Hello To You,
I would like to list my labs and symptoms and tell you that this is how my rheumy came to the conclusion of MCTD and maybe we could all list as much as we know and see how we compare:
ANA 1:320 nucleolar pattern
C3 78 Ref 83-177 (lst Time) 80 (2nd)Ref 93-222
C4 15 (13-52) same both times
CBC WBC 4.4 mild luekopenia Ref (4.5-11) has gone from 7.0 Apr 03 to 5.0 Mar 04 to 4.7 May 04 to 4.4 in Oct 04
RBC 3.77 Ref (4-5.20) HCT 35.4 Ref (36-46) Monos 0.1 Ref (0.2-0.8) all in the Low Range (anemia)
Elevated CPK (slightly)
Everything else normal- Symptoms- Malar Rash on face
Arthritis in fingers, elbows, knees, hips
Muscle pain in forearms and weakness
Raynauds Phenom
Easy Bruising
Livedo Reticularis
Low Grade fevers 99.2-99.9
Abdominal Pain Intermittent (sometimes severe)
Unexplained chest pain
Congenital Vitiligo
Diagnosed with MCTD with Lupus and Polymyositis...........ElegantGI

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