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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I've been undergoing a work up for multiple sclerosis, which so far has been negative after almost six years of relapsing and remitting symptoms. My symptoms at present are mostly neurologic, weakness, fine motor incoordination, tremors, swallowing and bladder overactivity. I've also had chest pain and occasional balance issues when I walk too far. In the past I've had chest pain and dizziness and mild weakness that eventually resolved for a few years.
I've always had IBS, Raynauds, and just this past fall I developed a purple purpuric rash in streaks going down one of my thighs. I've had smaller outbreaks since then. My doctors are stumped and think I'm crazy. So far, brain MRI and all lab work, spinal tap, etc are negative for MS, Lyme, and lupus. I have scratches all over my abdomen and back also.
I also have chronic headaches (have had migraines and joint pains since I was a teen...I'm 38 now...) plus I get this spider-webby type mottled look to my lower legs when I get very cold. My feet and hands also hurt a lot in the cold as well.
Does this sound like it could be Hughes syndrome? I think I'm going to ask my doctor to run some tests for this. [/FONT]

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