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Hello everyone. i am new here too and was wondering if anyone could help. i suspect i have lupus. It started from what i can gather a few months ago. i was prescribed contraceptive pill to clear up a few spots. the pill gave me red allergic type spots.these went away when i stopped taken it and doc gave me a topical solution called dalacin c and oral antibiotics instead. after a week or so i started getting a pain around my left eye. took myself off oral antibiotics. a week after this i put the dalacin c on one night. and woke to find my skin bright red and the texture of sand paper. Went to the doctor and they gave me anti allergy tablets. My skin was red and peeling off for a week. had a high temperature and headaches. but then was ok just weak and tired but skin normal. A week later it started happening again. The first sign i noticed it was a kind of tingling around my eyes and it went all craggy there. then in the next few days my head and face was swelling up. above and below the eyes. my cheeks and my chin and jaw. had terrible headaches like somone was punching my head from the inside. and when i closed my eyes i could see coloured dots. I went to see a dermotologist privately who said that i was very sick and immediately referred me to the emergancy department of a hospital. That night before i was due go to the hospital i started having pains in my stomachand my upper thighs was boiling hot with very sweaty palms. I got up to go to the toilet and thought i would pass out or be sick. it was very hard to walk cause of the pains. i lay on the landing floor shivering and shaking and with shortness of breath. my dad covered me in a blanket but could not move me. i could not move any part of my body with out being in extreme pain. in the morning when he took me to hospital i don't know how i got down the stairs.
Two consultants looked at me in the emergancy departments and did some tests. by now the pain was less and i could move. i was sent home as an outpatient told i was being referred to a rheumie and to have some scans. sincing coming home i was bad for about a week and could not sleep at all. on a couple of nights i have had breathing problems. but just laid in bed telling myself it would pass. it did thank God. after a few days i was able to walk without extreme pain in my calfs and upper legs. but i started to get very painful hands. it hurts to write at this time and developed darkish swelling under my knuckles nails and even on my knees. my hands and feet are almost always freezing cold even in a warm room and they get swollen. i have rashes that vary around my body sometimes arms sometimes chest and face. i also have times where i feel extreme fear and confusion. i am extremely weak all the time and have not been to work for two months since this happened. my hair is brittle and thinning. My face has got lots of different spots now. and my skin peels off everyday. leaving greasy baby soft skin underneath. my face goes from swelling to being deadly hollow. it has gone flat looking between my eyebrows and my chin seems swollen. my eyes look sunken and my right eye seems to be more so. i still have blurry sort of vision. Its not as easy to read now. my body has changed physically to certain bones seem swollen and sticking out more than others and i am loosing weight fast despite eating as much as i can. i have decided not to look in the mirror anymore people used to tell me i was beautiful.
I feel desperate for help it apparantly will be a few months before i see a rheumie but no one told me anything. i think i have had an ana done at hospital but it was clear?

I am seeing a rheumie privately on friday. but everyday feels so long. i feel in shock and stuck in a nightmare.

two months agao i was going to the gym, work, out with my friends had a boyfriend and was looking and feeling amazing. i am 28 years old.

during the last few weeks i have felt i have needed to go to the emergancy department a few times but stopped myself from doing so. the dramatic changes in my health physical wellbeing and appearance don't seem to be enough for them to take action. things seem to be pointing at lupus?? and possible drug induced lupus? i am sorry this is so long but i really have had no one to help or talk to although the hospital did acknowledge that i was definatley sick.

Zoe x

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