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Could it be lupus?
Feb 21, 2005
Hi! I'm still fairly new at all this, so i'll try to make this as brief as possible for ya'll. My doctor ('s) are in the process of testing me for lupus, i have had 2 positive ana's 2 positve rheumatoid factors, I just had the anti DNA and the anti smith tests and the both came back negative. I have pain and swelling in all my joints especially my fingers/ankles, i'm anemic, i get a red"rash" on my arms/face when exposed to the sun, not a sunburn but more like a rash. I sometimes have a red "rash" on my face that looks similar to the butterfly rash so commonly associated with lupus. My hair is falling out all over the place, more than typical winter "shedding". I also was recently diagnosised with Neurocardiogenic syncope(vasovagal syncope). I had to have cardiac ablation in june because i kept going into SVT. Also i have a low thyroid. I take ortho try-cyclen lo for bc. and i'm currently on 50 mg lopressor daily for the syncope. Does anyone know if it could still be lupus even though i had the anti-dna and the anti smith come back negative. {removed} I'm sorry this is so long, any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks

barbie age 23

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