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Hi all. I am new here on the Lupus board. You can usually find me lurking on the Fibromyalgia board.

I had been DX with Fibro by my GP for several years. Today I finally saw a Rheumatolgist.

My last string of lab tests (2/16) revealed a positive ANA of 1:80 speckled. The rheumatologist diagnosed me again today with Fibro, but is also sending me for the ANA subsets blood work. I have ANA tests in the past, always been negative up until now.

I guess I am wondering if I should be worried and how "high" are my numbers?

My symptoms that I have had for the last 9 years are:
-muscle pain
-unrefreshed sleep

I also have had skin problems, psoriasis, etc. I noticed one of the recurring ones I have on my wrist is circular. I wonder if this is coinicidence or if it could a 'coin like' rash I have read soemthing about somewhere. It is dry raised red bumps similar to eczema or psoriasis.

Also today doc mentioned costrochondritis, myofacial pain.

I guess I am just wondering now if maybe I have had Lupus all these years or some other disease this markers??

PS- All other lab tests are consistently normal.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me. I appreciate your time

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