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Hiya again ritz,

I have this type of headache, but I don't connect it to lupus. I am sure it is caused by tension. Very gentle massaging of the middle back neck and also at the base of the skull feels very good, best done by yourself as only you know of much pressure you can take initially. Also gentle exercising from side to side of the neck i.e. bringing your ear to your shoulder slowly will release some of the tension. Be careful not to do it too quickly as it will really hurt. Another I use is again slow and gentle chin to chest and then slightly back. Then head to front and gently "look over your shoulder".

All of these will be difficult at first, but with practise they will definitely ease the stiffness. Do them until you can do it 5 times each side, and maybe only twice per day. Shoulder shrugs are good too if you can manage them. You will hear cracking noises, don't be alarmed it isn't dangerous. I'm not a trained physio, but have done these routines with and for others for years. If you need to ask you doctor first this may be better for you, just so you can be assured that they are not going to harm you in any way.

I must admit with all my bits going on it takes me a while, but it does feel good he he!!.

Hope this helps some.

goldenwings :angel:

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