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Do I have Lupus?
Mar 28, 2005
Ever since my baby has been born, I have been extremlly fatigued. She is now 2 and it is only getting worse. I have trouble sleeping and recently I have taken Tylenol PM to get a good nights sleep. (Some nights I have to take two doses). Even after a good night's sleep, I am still fatigued. I have been having the butterfly rash. My husband thought I was just having hot flashes or something, (even though I don't feel hot). When I have had hot flashes my ears are red too and most of the time they are not. The rash seems to come and go, is that normal? It's worse at night, if I'm hot, or in the sun. Although most of the time my hands and feet are cold. The palm of my hands are red and very dry. The right hand looks like it has dirt in the dry lines. It has looked this way for several days now. I have been having muscle and joint pain in different areas of the body. If I sit too long, I get so stiff, I can barely walk. It seems to be worse on my left side. I didn't think I had any sores in my mouth (because when I did have them they were painful). But I found 2 in my mouth after reading the symptoms of Lupus and they are not painful at all. I do not have lung or kidney problems that I know of. I have been sick on and off with a cold/flu/virus since the end of December and can't seem to get completely well. I catch something it goes and I'm not sick for 2 days max and then I catch something else. But maybe that's because I have a 2 year old. I don't know what is wrong with me, if it's Lupus or hot flashes from peri-menopause. I do have night sweats sometimes also. I have talked to some friends with peri-menopause and they did not have hot flashes, night sweats, or extreme muscle, joint pain.

Any comments would be helpful.

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