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Possible Lupus?
Apr 5, 2005
Since the birth of my last son, the attending OB that delivered him I had expressed my concern to her that I tend to hemmorage pretty badly after having kids. She had told me that in my 6wk check-up to get tested for Lupus and a few other bleeding disorders. (since one of the symptoms of lupus is low platelette count). I work with a lady who has been diagnosed with Lupus and she had made a recent comment that I have a rash on my face similiar to Lupus. Before I go to my Dr and ask I want to make sure that I am not crazy. My last Dr assured me it was just from stress, but when I told him to test my thyroid ,(thinking the symptoms were similiar to hyperthyroidism) at the time my tsh came back as .2 and my T4 was only 1.4. He sent me to a endo who said that usually the TSH is high with a low T4 and that indicates hypo... further tests showed were done and came back as me having PCOS (though I am not a classic case, I have very irreg periods, but I'm not obese, not hairy (actually I barely have any hair on my body) and what not. I even have 4 kids (obviously conceiving isn't a problem either). After a few more tests, my TSH came back borderline .3 and she never told me the other results. She decided that I was ok and not hyperthyroid (my initial reason why I went to see my physician was because I was having heart palpitations that were starting to get annoying. No chest pain, just more and more noticeable). I'll give you the lo-down on what I experience: I have troubles clotting. I just recently had a cold cone biopsy (that came back neg) and 2 wks later I hemmoraged severely. I had to be repacked and when my OB took that out, I once again hemmoraged the next day. I hemmorage like that after having my kids, and when I had my last kid and he ended up being an emergency c-sec (due to being found transverse while in labor) I took over 6m to heal from the scar! I had problems with granular tissue and I just couldn't heal! My incision kept reopening and I had numerous silvernitrate applications to make me heal. I also am tired, alot. I have the wierdest joint pains, like one day my fingers will hurt, today it's my shoulder blade and around my armpits. My lymph nodes aren't swollen. Within the past few years I've experienced for the first time ever in my life migraines with visual flashes and loss of peripherial vision. That happens on a very rare occassion. Since I was little I've had boughts of pleurisy, and ER docs saying my white blood cells were attacking the lining of my lungs, thus causing the pleursiy. I've even had boughts of back pain that have left me a day or two in bed because I just couldn't move. I remember this one time I had a 104 fever but felt fine other than warm from having a fever. I get these sores in my mouth that I have no clue where they came from (on the insides of my cheeks). When I tell people they just look at me like I'm crazy, my Drs treat me like I'm a hypocondriac (sp?) but this is for real and I'm getting pretty scared. Just this past week my heart once again started with the palpitations, so much so that while at the mall with my daughter I had to sit down or I was going to pass out. I had the lab I work at run a thyroid test (just in case) and my results were TSH .91, FT4 1.06 and T4 12.5. TSH is a bit on the low norm and T4 just at the cut off point, so it can't be from my thyroid. I think the Dr's are confusing it with something else going on. Has anyone ever had similiar experiences? Or am I just crazy? TIA!

Edited to add: I ended up seeing my original OB and he basically ignored my requests to get tested. I also am VERY sensitive to the sunlight. I can have sunscreen on and still end up with a horrific sunburn :(


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