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Don't worry! You are having LYMPHATIC problems. :) All the places that you described as being painful are the location of your lymph nodes, tiny pea-shaped glands which help to move toxins through your system. Yours have become enlarged, painful, and swollen. You need to detox, your body needs help removing toxins from your system. You need to have multiple lymphatic drainage massages....where do you live? it should be easy to locate a spa or therapist who does this if you live in or near any major city. I would also recommend cleaning up your diet and removing foods that are slow moving, clogging, and mucus forming....such as dairy and wheat products. Drink a lot of water and if the idea doesn't scare you a great deal...consider giving yourself a few enemas to help cleanse all the guck out of your system. I have had lupus for years too and it totally sucks...but you can fix this!!! good luck!!! and feel better!!

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