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I applied and got disability the first time; I was truly lucky!! I think the key was I gathered ALL of my medical records since 1987 all the way back to Stanford University. So I had a lot of medical documentation to prove my illness. You also want to be sure to go to the Social Security website and check out the "Blue Book" it contains all of the criteria they look at to determine if you are disabled by their guidelines. You want to be sure you can prove you meet the guidelines with your medical records and your own documentation. It can be so exhausting and it took me weeks and weeks of slowly plugging away to get all of the information together. My Mom helped me a lot. I had 3-4 letters from friends, church members and previous co workers explaining my illness in their words. I wrote a 14 page "biography" explaining how it all started up to where my Lupus was at that time (it's been 3 years ago). I listed each symptom and gave a few examples of how it affected by my daily life. Be sure to get the records yourself (or have someone help you) because some med rec depts don't get the information to Soc Sec and of course, they do not follow up and if they don't have that information; they won't consider it!! My main problem is that my ANA stays borderline until I have a HUGE flare and I stay on the Prednisone higher doses so duh, I don't have one of the hospitalizing flares; therefore it's hard for me to get the labs I need like I was able to in the beginning when I was first diagnosed.
I am now being re-evaluated by Social Security; apparently they recheck your Lupus status every 3-5 years I guess to see if you have improved enough to go back to work. Imagine that!?!? I've gathered all of my information again and written another "biography" explaining where I at now. I can only hope and pray that I won't be denied. I couldn't survive without my Soc. Sec. as I'm in the process of a nasty terrible divorce and I honestly do not think I could work again. It worries me and of course, I'm having a flare ( last month was in the hospital for several days due to kidney infection). I'd be more than happy to forward you a copy of my "biography" for you to change for your circumstances if you'd like; email me @ [ [b] please carefully review the posting rules - no emails [/b] ]

Best of luck to all of you applying and if I can help in any way; please feel free to contact me.


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