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Had a ct scan this morning for an ovarian cyst. After 2 Barium Smoothies for breakfast (yuck, yuck, yuck) I was scanned. The results got back to my doctor by this afternoon. They could not see the cyst but did report that I had "Multiple Enlarged Lymph Nodes" in my pelvic area.

I had the CT-125 blood test done (used as a tumor marker) which was negative.

I was diagnosed with Tumid Lupus Erythematosis (TLE) last March and have been on Plaquenil and Quinicrine since early summer.

I know that the lymphatic system can be heavily involved with Lupus. Does anyone have any knowledge of enlarged lymph nodes in the pelvic are as being somewhat of a norm with Lupus patients?

We have excelerated the repeat ultrasound from May 9th to tomorrow. Thanks guys.

Hi Sherri,

It sounds like you have had quite a day!!!! I have a lot of lymph nodes that are swollen throughout my abdomen, armpits, neck and pelvic region. No one has given me a straight answer other than they can be inflamed with Lupus. I suspect that you may have SLE as well as TLE because I have never heard of swollen lymph nodes with TLE. Do you have any other symptoms that would be typical of SLE? Have a look at the criteria and let me know. You may have some overlapping going on! Don't be alarmed if you do (and this is just my opinion!) because many of us have overlapping diseases. I have SLE, APS, Sjogrens Syndrome and Raynauds. Not sure, but I may have Rheumatoid Arthritis too (grr!). I hope that your feeling better soon and if you need anything answered, please ask away! I am really good with blood work and am well studied in Lupus. I also work in the medical field :) take care!!!

Can you have enlarged lymph nodes when lupus is even in-active and keeps flaring up everynow and again? And plus when did you notice the enlarged nodes? Did you have them when you started your raynauds?


Thanks for the answer. The official diagnosis was TLE. I had a + ana smooth homogenous 1:1280, joint pain, muscle aches, Tumid rash. I also experienced one of the common SCLE rashes once. When it was at it's worse it hurt to role over in bed, fever, chills spiking temp etc. I have had some mouth ulcers and 2 gential ulcers<-these are not fun. If I'm out in the sun unprotected I will get the malar rash. I an anemic and according to the rhuemy it is because of the chronic inflamation. No protein in the urine.This adds up to SLE to me but the rhuemy hasn't officially said so, so I haven't pushed him to change the diagnosis, why bother when the treatment is pretty much the same. Plus TLE doesn't look as bad as SLE when written down if you know what I mean.

I have written to Veej before regarding the rash and have all the confidence in the world in my dermapathologist (she actually diagnosed me when the rhuematologist was not convinced that it was lupus). I have had my car windows treated with specific high grade window tint to block the UVA & UVB rays at my dermie's suggestion. Tried to get insurance to pay for it, but they wouldn't.

During all of the rhuemy's exams when he would manipulate my joints nothing stood out as really painful just kind of a low constant ache.

You have actually looked at all my labs before (the post was from last March or so and is no longer on the board, at least I can't find it).

I will say that there is a history of Leukemia and Hodgkins on my mom's side so anything new regarding lymph nodes or lymphatic in nature tends to send me somewhat over the cliff.

Best case scenario, the cyst will not show up on the ultrasound later today and the enlarged lymph nodes are related to the Lupus and we will continue as we have been.

Thanks for listening.

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