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I was told by my dermatologist that I had borderline lupus. I was wonderingif anyone has been told this, and if so what did you'r Dr. want you to do ??? I was put on some med's that didn't really help me.
Hi summerbreeze7,

I don't know about borderline, I was told I had early stage lupus. It turned out to be discoid lupus with mixed connective disease. I was given some pain meds but because I don't have much in major organ involvement the Dr.s felt the meds for the lupus would cause me more side effects than good it would do at this point. If I progress with symptoms we will revisit the issue I'm sure.

May God Bless and Keep Us All
Patience 50 :wave:
Thanks patience I had to ask because I will be going to a new Dr. soon. I will take copies of my lab work (it was sent to mayo clinic) I live in Calif. My Dr. told me it would be the best place to send what she had ordered from lab,and from biopsies of the lesions I have. That report I will also be taking. I just hope now that we have changed insurance providers I won't have to wait too long. It was mentioned in my conversation w/the Dr. "mixed connective tissue disease" I don't really understand that part but I will ask my Dr. for sure. Thanks for you'r time to reply; any info helps right??? :)
Dear summerbreeze7,

Hello & greetings! About the phrase "borderline lupus", it may mean different things to different drs, depending on what kind of lupus he/she is suspecting.

Had this dermie done bloodwork? (Maybe one or more of the test results was starting to hit a threshhold?) Or skin biopsies? (Maybe changes that are seen in lupus---such as cell alteration, or positive results to immunofluorescent stain tests---were starting to show up?)

Anyway, you could always ask the dermie to rephrase, and also ask for copies of bloodwork & biopsy results.

Just to illustrate another "brand" of this crazy disease, at the time of Dx I'd never had malar rashes OR discoid lesions. Instead, I had a circular-shaped skin lesions on upper arms & torso; they didn't scar or depigment or itch. I ended up being Dx'ed with the SCLE "subset" (= subacute cutaneous LE). While SCLE symptoms can cover the whole *SLE* range of problems, the worst problems (kidney & CNS) are believed to occur less often in SCLE than in SLE. Anti-Ro antibodies are found in about 70% of people with such lesions.

If you feel like writing more about your rashes, fire away! Not that we are drs. here... we are not. But maybe someone has a phrase or comment that might help you as you are working through this with your REAL drs. Wishing you the best! from Vee
Dear VeeJ, thank you for putting some info. out here for us; I was sent to a dermapathologist by my rheumatologist; who dx me with sjogren's and morpheous of lesion. Sooooo the dermapathologist (great Dr.) she took two very deep biopsies wher I had scarring/brown patches left from hives that I had prior. She mentioned uticaria pigmentosa as probable, but had me see a dermaotlogist for her opinion as well. I took the slide's of blood, copies of report from mayo clinic of my biopsies (which stated Tmep) not uticaria pigmentosa. Tmep is more rare, and can become systmeic. Kidney's, liver, cns system as well. I try to stay positive, and will soon be seen by another dermatologist. The Dr. explaine that this is a type of autoimmune like lupus, sjogrens etc...But very rare in someone older I'm 44 yrs. old. So far so good my vision has changed almost overnight, also my hearing has been effected. I just pray it doesn't progress any more. My hips starting last week (bone pain) is part of tmep :rolleyes: hurt so bad I could not stand it. I will ride this out until I get in with a dermatologist that know's how to treat this. But I can relate to the hip pain or any kind of bone/muscle pain. Hang in there, and please post as things go along. We are all learning so much from everyone posting!!!!! If I didn't have this place to go to;especially during flares........hmmmmm...... :eek: it woul'd be tough. I hope you'r pain get's better, and again please post. We are becomming educated here sooooo much. I will post also after I see my new Dr. :) take care!!!!!

Kathy mom in California :)
I have been diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease. I have extreme fatigue. Does anyone else suffer with such great fatigue???

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