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Lupus & itching
May 1, 2005
does lupus rash cause itchy skin? does it itching any part of the body occur with lupus?
Hi - I can never get a straight answer from my doctor whether or not my itchy skin is related to lupus. It is so aggrivating. I can just be sitting at work, or watching TV, or whatever, and all of the sudden I start itching out of control. Usually in one area at a time. Like, one attack might just be on top of my thigh near my knee. The next attack I have may be on just my shins and the next attack may be just my forearms. It is a very deep itch, like it's way down deep in the skin and all the scratching in the world won't relieve it. I even cause bruises from scratching. At the first sign of an attack, I usually take a Claritin. Sometimes the itching goes away on its own even before the medicine kicks in, but other times, I have to wait the 30 minutes for the Claritin to take effect and give me relief. I don't know if I have a rash with the itching because although the area where I'm scratching is a bit red, it could be from the itching itself.

I've read that lupus can cause itching, but the doctors say that it's too difficult to know if the itching is from lupus or from allergies, etc. One thing to keep in mind though is that lupus can cause us to have more allergies than we used to.

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