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Hi, I'm a regular to this board and I need some help. It all started around 3 or 4 months back when I started to show symptoms of a "bladder infection". However, after a couple of days that cleared up on its own. During the time of that supposed infection I had really bad back pain. I then after that started to feel warm, and feverish. Everything then went down hill. I had rashes come underneath my eyes, and now I have like little holes in my skin, like small dots but right underneath my eyes. I have also been having pain in one of my knees, but sometimes goes to the other one an all. It also happens in my shoulders too, and even my fingers hurt. Plus, I have noticed that my hands feel weak at times, and what I use to be able to do seems to be getting harder and harder. I also often feel weak one minute, and then after a short period, its like I can get up and do everything I want. Plus, I keep having a tingling sensation at the top of my head, and on my forehead and down my face. Plus, my bones crack a lot as well, every finger, every shoulder, both knees, feet do also. I think I have some sort of nodule on my ankle too. I also sometimes have like stomach pains too.

I've been to the Doctors who ran some thorough tests on me. Including: Thyroid Functions, CBC and also tested my Anti-nucleur anti-bodies. I already have had Raynaulds since I was 16, but everything seems to have gone down hill for me now. I'm not 100%, or at least I don't feel the same. One day i'm alright, the next I become depressed and I even feel ill on some days.

All of my bloods came back fine, except my ANA blood result has come back positive. I don't know the exact range for it yet, but I will find out. What i'm wondering though, if it was an infection, surely, my white blood count would have become elevated, to represent some viral/infection activity. When I had my blood results, I feel exactly as I do now, so my symptoms have constantly been with me. But as i've said, one day it seems to be here, the next it goes and then comes back again. Plus, I do get the frequent joint pain. I only have to walk up and down the stairs a few times, or use my knees, especially my right knee and they start hurting. And I know that they shouldn't do that.

Does anyone here think any of what I am saying, sounds like Lupus at all? My Doctor has booked an appointment to see a Haematologist to take my results further for some unknown reason. I already have a Rheumie who I see every six months or so. But, can anyone tell me whether this sounds like Lupus is beginning to develop?

Please someone help me, I am scared. I keep thinking whether this is all in my head or whether I do have something wrong with me. Please help.

Thank you.

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