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Hello everyone. I have been reading this board for all of 2 days. One week ago I had a lymph node biopsy(actually removal) My doctor suspected lymph node cancer. Thank goodness was not. Anyway I have several other enlarged lymph nodes, constant aches and pains, and what almost seems like bone and vein swelling. I know that sounds crazy but my veins are always stick out all over my hands and feet. Today a bone in my wrist looked like it had a grape laying on top of it under my skin. It seems to have gone down now and almost back to normal. My mom was suspected of having lupus about 5 years ago but her doctor never followed up and a new doctor has diagnosed her with fibromyalgia. I read somewhere that 30-40% of people with lupus develop fibromyalgia. I have never been the kind of person that goes to the doctor for anything, but when the lymph node behind my ear got big and stayed big(6 months) I decided it was time to find out what was wrong. So now I don't have cancer and all other ailments still exist and I am afraid my doctor is going to dismiss all of this and send me on my way. Any advice is appreciated. I return to the doctor tomorrow. Thanx in advance. :)

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