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Hi Kathi~ Isn't it bizarre when some strange, new symtom pops up?
Four years ago I suddenly began having a "fluttering" in my right ear that was made worse by certain tones (i.e. phone, microwave, certain musical instruments). It's like a bass drum banging in my ear. I don't think my actual hearing capacity was diminished and it wasn't painful, but was highly annoying, disconcerting and ruined my enjoyment of music and movies.

Finally after 6 months, I saw a hearing specialist who said it was "tympanic inflammation", usually caused by a virus that produces excess movement of this membrane. I guess there are med.s that will reduce the symtoms but the side effects didn't seem worth it. The good news is that it seems to have gotten somewhat better in the past few months on it's own.

I forgot to mention this ear thing to my rheumy so I have no idea if it's lupus related.
Hope your problem clears up soon!!
Good Luck!

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