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Re: Lump in armpit
May 14, 2005
[QUOTE=baseball]Hi everyone it's me again. I've been wondering if anyone has had a sore lump in the armpit area? I'm thinking that it's a swollen gland. I've been feeling okay the sun is out more so my hands have been hurting a lot more.
I have not been to any doctors in a while. Seeing they don't think anything is wrong with me. That I just have roseca. I was going to make an appointment to see my GP. My blood presure has been around 120 to 130 over 85 to 94 and I know that is boarder line high. I'm just so sick of Docs.
Thanks Liz[/QUOTE]

Hi, all lumps are pretty worrying. I still think it would be advisable for you to see a Doctor just to be on the "safe side". However, lumps can occur with lupus, called "lymph nodes" which, enlarge because they are responding to the auto-immune problem. I would advise that you do a thorough examination in the groin, neck and both armpits just to see whether you have anymore. If so, your body could be responding to a whole body problem, such as lupus. However, there are other reasons that could cause such problems, like an infection or virus. Just check it out. If the problem still persists go to the Doctor. I know exactly what you mean with how Doctors "feel nothing is wrong" when in reality there is. I went and seen a Doctor recently who decided to run some lupus tests just to "put my mind at rest" because she knew I was considering whether I had that especially with my Raynaulds problem, and plus I kept feeling ill. She thought it was a form of anxiety I was suffering from. The trouble is the results came back through "positive" and i've been scheduled to see a Heamotologist on the 25th of May. I'm scared, but at least I now know that I haven't been making all this up.

I hope you are able to sort out your problem soon.

All the best, what other symptoms do you have?
Re: Lump in armpit
May 14, 2005
Hi, Baseball.

A friend who does NOT have lupus had repeated bouts of swollen lymph glands in her neck, maybe due to dental problems. She ended up having minor surgery to drain the nodes, IV antibiotics for awhile, then healing well.
She was lucky in that labwork confirmed nothing worse than infection.

The lymphatic system is one big drainage system, and when blocked, infection can be trapped. Especially where there's an autoimmune, no good.

I agree with the others, that it's best for you to get this checked & attended to. Don't blame you for being tired of drs., by the way. But I hope you decide to handle this anyway. Best wishes & good luck! Vee

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