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Re: Lupus
Apr 6, 2006
I hope someone has some advice for the future, i'm set up to see my first rheumie on the 18th, but my son has mysterious medical problems as well and has a "probable" CF diagnosis but nothing concrete . basically i'm worried the same thing is about to happen to me. I feel i have alot of Lupus symptoms, but my anticougulant test came back normal, and i belive my ANA did too, i've been tested twice but regular docs, and now they're sending me to a rheumie because they think i have it too and need someone more specialized. here's my "basic" history.
started in 1998, had preeclampsia, soon after i started getting pleurisy, which i've had 5 times now in a four year period, rashes on my chest upper back and upper arms, i think i MAY have the butterfly rash, but it's always been there so it's hard to tell . i had a SEVERE case of blistering and sun poisoning ( while pregnant0 after only 2-3 hours exposure. then i had a stillborn baby girl at 41 weeks gestation ,and she had IUGR ( intrauterine growth retardation) i got prenant again after that and miscarried first trimester. my legs have been hurting like i ran a 10 mile race for almost three months and started seeing blod in my urine, so i went to my doc who did tests ( though i had rhabdomyosis, i didn't) and she also found protein and WBC in the urine, could give me no answers. I also have a heart arrythmia problem, SVT , which i had surgery for in Jan. then there's bad joint pain in my shoulders and knees, and i have these weird bleeding episodes , like from my lip or nose, EXTREME fatigue,..........there's more, but i can't post it all here......

all i can find on my labs that is weird are my RBC and WBC, my protein c , ptt and my fibrinogen is VERY high........

what do you think happens with all my medical history is my labs just come back fine?? is it possible to be diagnosed with normal labs? i'm worried that i won't be able to find treatment...........whatever this is is taking over my life.....i'm honestly scared.

Any advice would be appreciated


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