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Lupus or other?
May 18, 2005
I am a 38 year old male who has been experiencing some strange symptoms for the past couple of months and I just got a blood test back with an ANA of 1:160 Homogenous. SM antibody negative and dsDNA negative. One night 2 months ago I woke up with numb and tingling arms and legs. This is sometimes minor and other times very pronounced. Now it is mostly a shaking or tremor. I also have termendous fatigue. I think I see a slight reddish rash on my cheeks but could be my imagination. I have seen a Neuro and had an MRI of brain and spine (for MS), both are perfect. All other blood work is well within normal range. My GP is stumped as is my Neuro. My GP doesn't seem concerned about the ANA, but I am starting to get worried. Between not feeling well, and not knowing what is going on, I feel like I am losing it. The only other odd occurence I have had is for the last 2 years I have had a problem with the index finger on my right hand. At the very end, it will get sore for a day then turn bright red. The pain goes awy and the skin dries and then peels. Within 2 weeks it is all healed and looks like nothing ever happened. This has occured about every 2 -3 months. No one seems to know what could cause this.
Sorry for the long winded explanation of what is going on. My question is, since I am Male, with low? positive ana and negative SM and dsDNA is Lupus likely as a diagnosis? Any other ideas?
Thanks for any help.

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