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I have posted here before, cause I sometimes believe I have lupus(PLUS,you people are so caring and......shhhh... and the nicest)
Anyway....I have been feeling crappy for close to 2yrs now, without a REAL diagnoses.I do have TMJ, MVP,OE arthritis(? never Xrayed)
I'm currently taking an anti-imflammatory,panteloc(stomache) and an antidepressant.
I have intemitent fatigue( meaning..always tired but sometimes more extreme), muscle and joint pain,occasional blurred vision(now have glasses) and gritty feeling in eyes,some chest pain on and off with palpatations,tremors,shooting headaches( sharp pain lasts less than a minute),Pain(or tightness) under L rib(spleen?),burning in different areas of my body(like I spilled a cup of tea on myself)menstral changes,twitching eyes and other muscles, cold hands and feet and turns white(raynauds?),bladder issues,extemely dry skin, I probably forgot the rest, cause I cannot remember anything(scarey,I have always tried not to be the dumb blonde...But I'm the poster child now)
I was feeling not to bad about a month ago, then I got stressed out over some issues.....and BANG.
My doc has tested me for MS,thyroid and lupus.She said once, maybe it was fibromyalgia. But I'm not satisfied with that, not that I want lupus, but I lean more towards lupus,and also after mentioning fibro nothing more was done. My blood tests were mostly negative, elevated ESR, low alpa1,thats all I really know as I'm from Canada and we don't get are test results.
Ok.... now for the questions...
Are the mouth sores like Cankers.. cause I have sores in my mouth but can't really see them, but when I eat it hurts( tongue and gums also)
every now and again I get these dry little crusty round red, size of a nickle, but usually 1 or 2 at a time, on upper leg or upper arm, not usually on torso.
Butterfly rash.... I have a red cheeks and nose, but looks more like a permanent sunburn, with little darker red circles on cheeks.
Fevers... well I don't really have alot of the morning my temp usually is evening it might 97.8-98.9F(which really isn't a fever)
Thanks so much for being here and most of all educating us

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