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[QUOTE=connievc]My twin sister went to her regular physician 3 weeks ago, and he ordered routine blood work at the local hospital so she could take the results to her "lupus doctor" several hours drive away. She got the blood draw results two days before she was to go to the lupus doctor. Her results were entirely normal -everything was right in the middle of the normal range.

The next day, she started have a lupus flare and by the day of her appointment with the lupus doctor she was too sick to travel that far.

She has now been having the flare for almost 3 weeks. She stays in bed most of the time, and is in constant pain.

How can someone with such normal labs be so ill for so long? Has this happened to anyone else? Can she be sure that she has lupus? She had a positive ANA years ago, but to my knowledge she's never been tested again.

Thanks for any info. :confused:[/QUOTE]

Hi. First of all, I hope that your sister manages to feel better soon and plus I hope I can actually help you out a little here. From what I am aware with this illness is that it can stay hidden and go through many different "sub-sets". Its only when it develops into the full blown condition that allows it to appear in the blood. Sometimes it just never shows and a person can still show the symptoms. Auto-immune disorders, which Lupus fits into are very difficult to diagnose, and it takes a lot of thorough testing to ensure that you have a diganosis made. What sort of symptoms has your sister had? You can by all means have normal bloodwork because the disorder itself may not have developed enough. Plus, blood tests can sometimes be inaccurate so it is best to actually have constant blood tests done just to keep an eye on it. Staying in bed all day is just how I feel at times, and i'm going through the similar sort of problems. Sometimes I have no energy, like today. It even feels difficult for me to actually concentrate and push the keys on the keyboard.

With regards to the positive ANA - I have one as well, and am undergoing an investigation to find out why I have it. I have many of the symptoms an all so I hope I can actually find out whats wrong. A positive ANA though can show for many numbers of reasons. Some infections/viruses can cause them whilst an ANA test can be used as a "screening" test against auto-immune disorders, such as, Lupus or Sclerderma. I would advise that your sister could be more thoroughly beyond the ANA blood test. But, with an ANA blood test you can be quite confident that some sort of auto-immune problem is going on. Joint pain, especially is an indicator of such a problem.

I do hope that your sister gets better soon. When I know more about myself with regards to my ANA result, I will post back what he said. Hopefully then this will help you by knowing the ins and outs of it.

I hope you are well, and I hope your sister manages to feel better. I can sympathise with her. I often feel terrible. I feel weak this morning. But i'm trying to push myself to do everything, and stay normal and active.

Take care.

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