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Dear Julie,

Welcome! There are several "sticky posts" at the front of this Board that will be of interest to you. AngelicBrat posted them with the moderator's permission some time ago.

Two "stickies" discuss lupus: the ACR criteria, and an eminent British rheumie's "alternative criteria". The third "sticky" discusses antiphospholipid syndrome, a blood clotting disorder seen often in lupus but also capable of appearing "standalone".

As you read the lupus info, there are a couple of things to keep in mind: (1) the lists are for SLE = *systemic* lupus erythematosus, which also has several SUBSETS, which I'll quickly list below; and (2) the ACR criteria apply to one's LIFETIME, meaning a minimum of 4 do not have to appear *simultaneously* to be Dx'ed with lupus.

A quick list of lupus SUBSETS: (1) DLE = discoid LE, the mildest subset, characterized by scarring & depigmenting rashes & plus maybe fatigue & arthritis; ANA is positive maybe 50% of the time; and (2) SCLE = subacute cutaneous LE, the intermediate subset, characterized by rashes that are either circular (like targets) or psoriasis-like; ANA and anti-Ro are positive maybe 70% of the time; symptoms range across the SLE spectrum, but with the worst (kidney & CNS) being statistically less common, it is thought.

Plus there are two other groups, drug-induded LE (DILE) and neonatal lupus.

I hope you'll post more with your reactions, more questions, etc. It's always so hard to figure out WHERE TO START, if lupus is a candidate. :eek: Anyway, take care for now! With my best, Vee

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