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I went to the GP on the 17th and he was very thourough and did a bunch of blood work. The good news is, he said my sedimentation rate was normal and he said almost all people with lupus have a high SED rating so he does not feel it's an inflamitory disease at all. :) However, he said my blood count showed some abnormalities (non very signifigant), my tryglicerides are high, and my blood calcium level was 10.8 which is high according to him. He wants to re check this in a week or so to make sure it was not lab error and then he said if it remains high we will need to "investigate further". I am baffled by this does anyone know what causes high calcium? I do not drink milk except in my coffee in the morning, and I do not eat much Cheese or other dairy products. If you recall in earlier postings I mentioned I have kidney stones, those are "calcuim stones". so confused... :eek: To top the cake, when I was in to see the doctor he was doing the look up the nose and in the throat with the light thing and he said I have a huge pollup up my nose and one in the back of my throat too so he wants me to go see an ear, nose, and throat specialist on the 1st (tomorrow) since esophageal cancer runs in my family.
Well I guess i'll be going now. I hope you guys will let me continue to post on this board even though the doc has pretty much ruled out lupus. You guys are great and it's good to know I can come here and type out my feelings... :cool: Have a great nigh all! :D
I'm glad you don't have lupus, but am sorry about the ear nose and throat thing. I hope that all works out for you. Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

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