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Just came from my neurologist (5th one) and yesterday had an appointment with environmental health (EH) doc. My neurologist thinks it's time for the spinal tap to say if it's Lupus or MS or not. The EH doc says that if I have evidence of mold toxicity then that can show as MS symptoms and spinal tap not needed. I'm soooo confused!

My background - I'm 39 yr, female, no pregancies. Primary symptoms are chronic dizziness (brain fog, wozziness, fatigue, constant "drunk" feeling) accompanied by brief episodes of vertigo (swimming/swaying sensation lasting for up to 5 secs and can happen several times an hour). Vertigo episodes brought on by various triggers - computer, TV, some continuous noises (MRI clicking, getting teeth cleaned). Dizziness seems to increase/decrease in intensity with menstrual cycle. This has been going on 24/7 for 15 months, to the point of taking STD for 8 weeks last year. First vertigo/dizziness attack happened in 2000 when I first moved to D/FW area. Since then but before becoming chronic, would have 2-3 weeks of dizziness in summertime and during this time was practically non-functional. Have had a battery of tests, most done several times - ENGs, multiple hearing tests, ECOGs, SHAs, Posturography - all normal; MRIs, MRAs, CTs - have white spot with no changes for 1 year; EEG normal. Waiting on BAER but expecting to be normal as well. Blood work shows elevated ANA (waiting on results for specifics on Lupus), also high normal levels for TSH (have hot nodule as well) - primary has me on Synthroid .05mg to lower. No Lyme or diabetes. 2 minor head concussions 20 yrs ago but no symptoms appeared until 5 yrs ago.

My question to the board - has anyone had any experience with mold allergens and possible link to Lupus or MS? The EH doc seems to think that my childhood was full of all kinds of toxins that built up (lived near oil refinery, worked summers with dad mixing paints for screen printing company) and that my system overloaded when I had to have the roof changed on my house due to major water damage and mold in walls. But I also have history of RA in my mom's family, which is autoimmune disease.

I want to make informed decisions re my treatment options if the spinal tap shows MS or Lupus and I don't want to discount the possibility of molds causing my problems. Any info you have is appreciated.

PS Posted on MS and Environmental Health boards as well

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