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yupper doo... it's all a part of it love..

my head itches so bad sometimes i could scream.. and i'll have a nasty little rash up there too some days.. not to mention me hairs are falling out with it.. :eek:

the headaches come and go, determined by if i'm having a small flare or a big flare-up.. at least they are not as bad as they used to be now.. the more of a flare-up that shows symptoms on the outside.. the milder the headache.. go figure.. hehehe
it's just part of living with Lupus i'm afraid.. i do use Seabreeze (can be bought at any drug or Walmart, Kmart store) on my itchy scalp though at times.. it feels good, and stops it for awhile.. helps with the rash a bit too.. :D

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