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For those of you who have been diagnosed with Lupus do you have swelling in your wrists and hands that is visibly noticeable? Do your joints burn or produce heat?

Also, I had a positive ANA speckled pattern in 2000.
But then in 2002 my ANA was negative.
What would cause it to be positive then negitive?

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since 1999.

I am being retested in August.
I am looking for your opinions on whether in the opinion of those who actually have Lupus that this sounds like it to you. It seems to me that people who have actually experienced this disease are a better judge than some of the Drs. I do like my physician though. He is willing to help me figure out what is going on.

As for the criteria these are the things that I have had or have for a number of years.

Arthralgia (Joint pain)
Skin Rashes
mouth or Nose Ulcers
Renal Disorder (persistent Proteinuria in the urine or cellular casts)
Hematologic disorder (anemia, )
Abnormal ANA Titre


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