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Lupus & Ears
Jul 31, 2005
I need help with my eyes and ears. My eyes are so swollen and my
ears. They drain so much fluid that at time I am partially deaf, and then when it stops, I can't hear for hours to a entire day, and suffer intense pain from the swelling of my canals.
go from draining to itchy in the canals too. I itch 24/7, and some
days it brings me to tears, pain so far I can handle it frm years of
practice, but this constant itching is driving me crazy(er). Any
or methods that worked for you are appreciatedI have had Lupus for more than 13 years. My new dr, said they should have caught it when I was in High School( I am 33 now)) I had severe growing pains, I was taken to multipple neurologist, and othopedists. My joints have been swelling since I was in jr. high, and I have had severe loss of time, when I get tired. Severe migraines, sensitivity to cold, and heat, but mostly cold. I have Raynaud's Phenomenon, and sjogrens syndrome. I also have stroke level HBP and degenerative disc disease. Due to the severity of my HBP, dr's couldn't get past it, to help me with all my other problems. Mis;dx'ing me, with just arthritis to rheumatoid arthritis, and complicated migraines, but my blood test always showed that something was wrong, I always had protein in my urine, and I have always been anemic. I have been mobile to cycling in an out of flares weekly. Last summer I was sick for two months with no break, and then it was every other month, and then every two weeks, and now daily. My sun sensitivity started in 8th grade. I was diagnosed with MCTD, with Lupus primary. My symptoms have so varied, I meet all criteria, on Fibro , Lupus, and Ms(except for two criteria on MS) Like Veej said keep your blood work keep your records, I am now on plaquenil, and I have been on several regimens of prednisone. Two of my first cousins have lupus, and one has MS, and on my Mom's side, one MS and several RA's. Thank you for reading :)

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