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Hi. Over the last few months since January time I have been feeling really ill for sometime. A few days i'd be well and then the next i'd feel completely ill again. At first I was told it would more than likely be a "virus" that will clear in time. I re-visited my GP after a few weeks of putting up with such pain and feeling ill. She decided to order some blood tests and she noticed that I had Raynauds Phenemon and decided to run an ANA test. The results came back and it turned out to be postive. At the same time my lymph nodes enlarged in more than one location - groin, neck, and arms and I am under a blood specialist for that as well as the ANA. I have nose sores that will not go away, keep going very red under my eyes, run very high temperatures, have a tingling sensation across my forehead that seems to get worse when I feel ill. I am sweating really excessively also. Plus, I feel as though I am weak and tired all the while.

I have had a CBC done and the only thing really that they mentioned is my WBC. It is 4.9 and the normal ranges is between 4.5 and 13.0. Does this look on the lowish side? I also have had an ESR and I am in the range for that. I was wondering if it is Lupus or any other auto-immune disorder does the ESR always have to elevated especially in the earlier periods of the disorder? Plus if you are in a flare, and then it goes, can the ESR change back to normal?

I apologise for the long post, and I hope someone will be able to help me with this. I am feeling really ill, and any advice or opinions with this would be most helpful.

Thank you. I have posted here before and I must say, this forum is extremely helpful and all the people who contribute.

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