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New on the board
Aug 20, 2005
I am new on the board and am looking for answers. I will give you a brief background. In my twenties, I developed Vitilgo (skin has white patches) This was progressive Vitilgo, meaning it spread all over my body and a autoimmune disorder. Then later in life I delevoped IBS. I was tested many times for this and never found out was causing it except, one doctor said milk products. Around 50 years of age, while going through menopause I developed Migraine headachs which I suffered with for years, going to different doctors, trying to find out why. I was fortunate for awhile to have a doctor that took a interest in me and was in the process trying to research when he died. The doctor who took is place put me on Prozac and a B/P medication (although, I did not have High B/P.) This worked and I was finally relieved of the Migraines. Thank God!! I went along for a few years after that, not having to many problems except IBS, developing Hypothyrodism, and some Arthritis, mainly in the fingers.Then my husband and I retired and started spending winters in Florida. About January of 2003, I went through a three months bout of VERY painful muscle and joint pain. Fatigue, hair loss, red cheeks (looked like sunburn but was not), (no butterfly rash),itching on the back of my neck. The muscle and joint pain got so bad, I finally went to a doctor who checked my ANA which came back Positive
with a Titer of 1:80, RA factor34H,Sed rate23H. He recommended three epidural injections in the spine, which I went through and my symptoms vanished. NOW, two weeks ago, these symptoms showed up again after gardening in the hot sun. I could hardly get out of bed in the mornings becasue of the pain in ankles, feet, knees, both hips,hands, wrists, and neck.and itching at the back of the neck. I went to my regular doctor here and he put me on Duragesic patches(Morphine 25 mgs.) which did not help. Then he tried the Morphine pain pills with no relief. I just kept getting worse with severe constipation. Last Tuesday, I was so bad, I almost crawed to the doctors office. When he saw me, he immediately ordered bloods test in which they drew seven viles of blood. He also put me on Predsone 25mgs and told me to keep using use the Morphine patches AND the Morphine pills. Almost immediately I improved. This is Friday, he called today and told me my results are not back, but wondered if I was any worse. I have an appointment on Tuesday. Sorry this is so long. I didn't know how else to describe me. My question to all of you, Do you think this is Lupus? Replies would be appreciated. I have been reading everything I can find on the subject. If any of you are interested in my problem, I will write and give you the outcome of the blood work.
Shirleycurley, yes please post back with any results you may get. I can relate to very much of what you are saying. When you mentioned the back of your neck itching I thought you were talking about me. I get the red sunburn looking face, the itchy back of neck, I have joint pain in all my joints, I am hypothyroid and all that goes along with that, I also have IBS. I don't have the vasculitis thing. I also have muscle pain, but I'm sure that is fibromyalgia related. I have had severe migraines and still get some of them. Well anyway you get the point. I have been taking prednisone for the last 6 or 7 wks. and it has helped with the joint pain quite a bit. And by the way I am 56 and this has been building my whole life, but joint pain and itching etc. have escalated in the last 3years.

I hope you will post with your results. I have not yet had a definitive lupus diagnosis, but I'm still working on symptoms and treatment. Good luck.

I wanted to add that I had an ANA count of 1:320 and ss and ds DNA positive for SLE, but after taking meds my ANA went to normal. There is always something to complicate things.

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