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hi, i also am new to this site, i am 36 and have been recently been undergoing treatment for what my GP and the referred Rheumy have said to be SLE, by my ANA and other blood work results, however, my rheumy is still not convinced that is what i have. he says that the levels are "borderline" and does not want to treat any more aggressively with chemotherapeutics just yet. so i have been on Plaquinil (spelling may be off) and mobic, vicodin, and baby asa every day. I have good days and bad, of course, just like all of you i am sure. my question when is it time to say ok, maybe i need another opinion from another doctor? am i spending money on meds that may or may not be doing me any good? or do i need to try something else, so many variables and not enough answers. when do you really know that yes, this is definitely lupus or some other type of autoimmune problem, which my doctors do know that there is a definite autoimmune dz because of my joint swelling and pain, and by the way i also take HCTZ for swelling for (which i do not really see any relief from), and there are days when i can not hardly make a fist and pick things up. i was a nurse working in the hospital on a neuro/ortho floor, and now i am at home drawing disability because of the pain and this has been just since a year ago in may (2004) that i was working, i had a bad infection (MRSA) with no open wound on my abdomen and was on medical leave getting treatments for that when the "bottom fell out" on my health. i was also diagnosed with spinal stenosis (i thought i was just having back pains because i was working too hard and too long of hours on the floor at the hospital), i know i am rambling on, but it is very frustrating for me, i am still young and have young children that i can not keep up with because i am in pain most days. offer advise, suggestions, support, all would be greatly appreciated. i am thankful to hear about this site and am hear to listen to others who need a sympathetic ear. Lots of luck to those in same situations! :angel: :angel:

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