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Dear rtmc,

I just read more about the virus FIFTH'S DISEASE, typically seen in *children*. Very interesting! Article high points: (1) fever, (2) facial rash that may come & go for awhile, them fade into a lacy pattern; (3) red round bumpy rash on arms, etc.; (4) bloodwork, if done, ought to show Parvovirus 19; and (5) should resolve within a week or so.

This list really makes me wonder! Why? In lupus (1) fever can occur, especially as a flare starts up, and it can persist for weeks, often as a low-grade; (2) in SLE, many people, but not all, get a malar facial rash; (3) in the SCLE subset of SLE, people may get an annular (circular) rash, which for months or years, in its immature form, looks like red raised mosquito bites---then over time, those same bumps reappear and expand into circles. Another rash is possible in SCLE, tiny bumps that create an overall look like psoriasis.

But I have no idea whether ANA can be postive in FIFTH'S DISEASE.

Questions: (1) Were you tested for Parvo 19? The results? (2) How long have your rashes been going on? (3) Did anyone ever tell you how long this so-called "Fifth's Disease" ought to take to resolve?

FYI, I had the SCLE "annular" form of rash for 4 years of bumps, like raised mosquito bites but not itchy; then for another 4 years the bumps arrived & expanded into circles. This rash was mainly on my upper arms, also some on back & underarm area. I was never ANA-positive but *finally* turned positive for anti-Ro (SS-A), was anemic, etc.

Look for pictures & info on this SCLE form of lupus & see what you think. If you find info that seems possible to you, you could PRINT IT OUT, TAKE IT TO YOUR DOCTOR(S), and ASK (polite & innocent tone of voice, maybe), "Is this a possibility?"

If doc says NO WAY, because your anti-Ro is negative, that would be wrong-headed, from what I've been told. Only roughly 70% of people with SCLE test positive for anti-Ro. (I finally did but it took YEARS to turn.)

If doc says NO WAY because you've got multiple kinds of rashes, that would also be wrong-headed, from what I was told. Lupus rashes can cross "subsets". I've had 2 (maybe 3) kinds: SCLE annular & discoid , but no malar (and maybe "bullous" as a kid).

You could ask to be sent to a dermie, for a biopsy. I think biopsy results stand the best chance of being useful if done on a new (developing) rash, not an old rash. If you go this route, you want a dermie who knows autoimmunes, not someone whose practice is mainly cosmetic procedures.

I think you & I have chatted before, but earlier in the summer. Speaking of summer---were you in the sun much? Photosensitivity would be a very useful fact, if you think you are. Take care, from Vee

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