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Hi Erin- I hope that your infection clears soon! Does it hurt in your back below the ribs? Do you have a fever and are you nauseated and without appetite? These are signs of kidney infection and usually not found in bladder infections. Did your Dr. think it was in the kidney?
Have they done a culture that shows bacteria growth? WBCs usually do signal kidney infection, but it's best to be sure.

I have lupus and had numerous kidney infections (6-10 per year) for many years without explanation from my rheumatologist, gyno., urologist of nephrologist. They were sometimes severe, always showed up in a culture, but did clear with antibiotics, so they were recurring. Just a guess, but it sounds like you may not have gotten rid of your original infection. They can do a bacterial resistance test to see which antibiotic will work for your specific bacteria. Maybe you're not on the right drug yet.???
Also, I think white blood cells, once in a rare while, suggest other things within the kidneys and may not mean definite infection. With lupus, inflammation can pop up anywhere.

I agree with the previous poster's suggestions, and some people take an antibiotic before sex. Though sex sometimes brought on my infections, I do not subscribe to this idea because by doing so, my "bugs" were becoming increasingly resistant to the antiobiotics. After years of taking antibiotics (uh-oh, I sound like a wild girl), many of them no longer work for me.
But, please don't be scared that you will suffer repeated infections. This may be a rare occurence for you; let's hope!!

Kidney infections can have very different causes than bladder infections and can be more serious so I'm glad you're looking for an answer!
I passed kidney stones 2 years ago and surprise, surprise... I now get infections only rarely. Wish ONE of those Dr.s would've told me that stones may trap bacteria and cause repeated infections.

Good luck and feel better soon!

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