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Dear Blessed, I think any rheumie worth his/her salt will do his/her own labs and wait for results. And our hopes were that we'd have answers PDQ, so we don't feel satisfied with the consult.

Somewhere I read a great article by Dr. Hughes, the eminent British rheumatologist, in which he more or less said that any dufus [my word, not his :D ] could Dx lupus in the presence of very high anti-ds-DNA, severe kidney malfunction, and a non-stop malar rash. Lesser versions of the disease take more work and more "art". This is good in one way for many of us (we aren't so life-threateningly sick) but bad in another (we are so tired of seeking answers).

I've had drs. who were remote on the first visit, then after they "read' you a bit, they became warmer. I hope that's what you find here.

Anyway, hang in there! Looking forward to more updates, Vee

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